Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring: "A Simple Guide to the Wildflowers of Britain"

Growing up my mother would take us on "floral expeditions" each Spring.  Sometimes it was to a floral show, or a garden cutting display at a local church, but mainly it was in search of hillsides or open fields festooned with color.  My brother could only be convinced to come if the adventure included a stream that he could sail a paper boat in and of course slosh around in his boots.   There is something intoxicating in the smell of damp grass warmed by sunshine and it's no small pleasure to end with a picnic lunch.  Country Life Magazine recently showcased  "A Simple Guide to the Wildflowers of Britain" and those wonderful memories came flooding back.  I just had to share it with you.  Who knows, maybe it will inspire a floral adventure of your own.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday 2017 - New Book: From Classic to Contemporary: Decorating with Cullman and Kravis

Cyber Monday is an extension of Black Friday where shoppers can once again take advantage of the after Thanksgiving sales, but from the comfort of their own home.  I always find that books are a great gift that can be personalized for the recipient.  Cullman & Kravis - Interior Design Firm latest book From Classic to Contemporary: Decorating With Cullman & Kravis published by The Monacelli Press showcases the work of designer and founding partner Ellie Cullman, who has been included on the AD100 list since 2000, and Tracey Pruzan, senior designer for over twenty years.  Their work is punctuated with art, which is no surprise since Cullman is a board member of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Pruzan is a contemporary art collector.  Enjoy this tour of the firm's most recent interior design projects, a tapestry of both traditional and modern.

"...Cullman & Kravis redefines traditional design with a thoroughly modern sensibility, referencing a vast range of cultures and contemporary motifs..."

Purchase: Amazon   or  Barnes and Noble-Cyber Monday 15% 0ff Code: SHOPALLDAY

My sincere congratulations to designers Ellie Cullman and Tracey Pruzan on their latest book.

A personal thank you to Lizzy Hyland and Melissa Powell of Jill Cohen Associates - Where Beautiful Books Begin and Ellen Rubin of The Monacelli Press for the opportunity.

 All the best to you, always.

Photography by permission: The Monacelli Press

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine

Architecture for me is elation, it holds promise, imagination, life - executed in beauty, defined by style and light, holding within its boundaries love.   My first introduction to the architecture of Bobby McAlpine was the beautiful South African Cape Dutch style home whose exterior you see above and interior is pictured below.  Composed and perfectly situated with generous living room windows collecting the beauty of nature; a personal artwork that changes with time and seasons.

His new book Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine by Rizzoli is just that, poetry- verses of love, insight, vision, execution, and absolute authenticity.  It is simply GORGEOUS, and quiet frankly a pleasure to read.  I wish I could show you every page, but poetry is always best when read ourselves, because then it goes from our head to our hearts, to our vision.  I have included an upcoming schedule of appearances, celebrations, book signings, and lectures that I am sure you would want to attend.

L U M I N O U S 

B E A U T Y,  T R U T H,  A N D  L O V E

" 'Come let me love you,' said the house.  Some houses beckon to us this way.  They are anthropomorphic and emotionally alive.  Their character and soul exceed their parts.  They have a voice and give us one as well, reminding us that we are loved lavishly and unreservedly, that we are free to get things wrong without fear of abandonment, that we are called to create our lives out of glorious individuality.  This kind of beauty includes us.  It feeds emotions we are starving for and captures feelings we know well." - Bobby McAlpine




Purchase: Amazon

My sincere congratulations to architect Bobby McAlpine, along with his partners Greg Tankersley, Chris Tippett, John Sease, David Baker, Ray Booth, and Susan Ferrier, and coauthor Susan Sully on a truly gorgeous new book.

A personal thank you to Lizzy Hyland of Jill Cohen Associates - Where Beautiful Books Begin and Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. for the opportunity.  

All the best to you both, always.

Quote:  Bobby McAlpine
Photos:  By Permission of Rizzoli, USA

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Giannetti Home: A New Store in Santa Barbara and A French Normandy Style Beach House in San Diego

Linens in lovely shades of watery blues and creams, vintage books, shells, worn woods with soft patinas, rooms perfectly appointed, captured in timeless architecture, redefining beauty... design... the meaning of classic... These are the homes of Giannetti Architecture and Interiors.

Brook and Steve Giannetti recently added Giannetti Clothing to their repertoire and Giannetti Home, a new store and studio in Santa Barbara, California.  Here is their latest design in San Diego: a French Normandy style beach house, something to be inspired by and dream about from the May/June 2017 Luxe Magazine.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

French and Swedish Antiques in a Pretty, Renovated 17th century Thatched Cotswold Cottage

There is a wonderful design trail in social media that continues to unfold and bring new ideas, places to visit, and stores from which to shop.  It's the age old adage "One thing (happily) leads to another".  Even though I bought the June issue of Country Living - British Edition, months ago, I just now sat down to look through it and voila ... inside was the beautiful time-worn antiques, natural textures, and pared-back look of the newly renovated Cotswold Cottage of antique dealers Karen and Anthony Cull.  They are also the owners of Anton & K Decorative Antiques and Interiors.  Not surprising, their items are now sold by appointment and online.  They also have a very beautiful Instagram, @antonandkantiques that continues to update us on their latest arrivals and inspire us with their style.

With an understated elegance, the couple's signature style, a simple pared-back look celebrates weathered and worn imperfections, rough textured walls, reclaimed old stone flooring, natural vintage linens, soft chalky tones of white and grey, and carefully curated Antique French and Swedish furniture...

"This Cotswold cottage on the outskirts of Winchcombe, in Gloucestershire, appealed immediately and was located very near to where we had both grown up."

"The faded patina that comes with time is important to us - it has a depth and rawness that is relaxing to live with."

"The original property was literally a two-up, two down building, with a large downstairs bathroom and one little basin in a bedroom."

"When we moved in, we added a small kitchen in the existing galley, updated the bathrooms and refreshed the decoration."

"The extension has transformed how we live and brought so much light into the house."

"The garden is full of old decorative pieces ..."

"We see it as an extension of our living space, and have created outdoor areas that feel like rooms."

"Our love of antiques influences everything we do."

Photos: Brent Darby
Quotes:  Karen Cull

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